Video Production

Videos are, without question, the most powerful tool used to give new patients a true look at who you are, who your team is, what your office looks like, and to hear extremely convincing and powerful patient testimonials. Research studies prove that people strongly prefer visuals and videos vs written text.

  • Highly Professional and compelling on and off-site film and video production capturing the essence of who you are, what services you provide, why you are unique, and why a visitor to your website should become a patient of yours.
  • Numerous video clips are edited and produced to be used on your website, YouTube, and numerous other promotional venues that promote your practice. Because of our years of experience in the dental industry, we know exactly how to edit the film footage to solicit the exact messages and images desired to bring in new patients and maintain the ones you already have.
  • We bring an entire experienced and professional film crew to you.  We use professional lighting, mics, and equipment for the highest quality results.  You will experience the difference in quality and what really goes into making a top-notch film or video clip. Whenever you see a video produced by an amateur, you automatically notice that it’s amateurish and cheap with overall poor sound and lighting quality. You most certainly don’t want prospective patients viewing your practice as “amateurish, cheap, or of poor quality”. When it’s done professionally, you will be impressed and your viewers will automatically perceive you and your dental practice as the top-notch professional that you are.
  • Our videos come standard with professional background music and voiceover.

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