Most potential patients make their provider decisions based primarily on your website. Your website is no longer just a place where patients go to find your contact info and credentials. New Patients, whether referred or self-directed, are heavily relying on your website for information they need to make an informed decision about choosing you as their dental provider. It is virtually your “sales person” and needs to accurately portray you, convey your philosophy, and showcase your staff and facility. It is critical that your website shows the potential patient exactly what they can expect when they come in for their first visit.

At J. White & Associates, we create a custom, copyrighted website, which you own, versus an impersonal, non-distinctive templated website that you “rent”. We create a website that differentiates you and your practice from your competitors. When you own your website, it becomes an actual asset line item on your Profit and Loss statement, which adds to your practice’s value and bottom line.

View Our Website Portfolio

View Our Website Portfolio

We now have the ability to create simplified and
easier-to-navigate mobile versions of your website!

Why Bother With Mobile?

The US population is sitting at around 311 million. Of those 311 million people, about half of US adults own a smartphone. On top of that, for a whopping 28% of Americans, a mobile device is their primary way of accessing the Web.   58% of smart phone users search for local businesses or services every week, and 70% of people that search for a local business on their mobile phone will take action that day.

If your website isn’t as easy to use as possible for your visitors, they will simply hit the ‘back’ button and find another website.

Here is an example of a customized mobile website that we can provide for you:

mobile site example

Engage Your Visitors!

mobile site features

People search for all types of businesses, from taxis and restaurants to doctors and lawyers…and, of course, dentists (just like you!) by using their mobile devices.

Take advantage of our current promotion!

We’ll design and launch your mobile website* for just $99, and we guarantee to launch within 3 business days of purchase, or it’s FREE! Plus, we will host your mobile site for just $20/ month!

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*If eligible for our mobile website upgrade. Please contact us for details.